domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

She´s on sale

There was Ana. She had come back from work with a green bag full of instant soup and selected vegetables. She had gone down to Florida lane with dreams, worn out and 150 dollars to spend that night. She is living alone, like that culture magazine with the same name of her situation. Her parents are living far away from the city and can´t imagine the kind of job their daugther has gotten. Just receiving the money at the end of the month is enough. Ana was the pride of the 8 children because she had managed to get in New York.

A woman with long and wavy hair, dimples and beautiful legs wouldn´t need too much effort to get her parents the money, the flat rent in the south of the city, college and car tuition. Just a few hours with an Italian tycoon was enough for something that money can buy.

She had always phoned saying that she would change to a cheaper appartament, and kept saying she still hadn’t done that before because she wished to be just like her friends from the Publicity Course: lunching at expensive restaurants, having a good lifestyle and looks like she had never had before. Then, the college was a pretext for the whole luxury she had to bear.

Ana wasn´t happy and hasn´t gotten to achieve some plans since she arrived here. Actually, she fell down in underworld of anonymous silhouettes by her friend. In the begining, a few hours and little moments with strange guys hadn´t seem to detract more than their appearance, but her soul, feelings and desires.

She wishes she could finish college as soon as possible to bring Alice, her sister, to live together. But it didn´t work. Her debits increased more each day, because she has gotten to be a showcase woman.

She wanted to choose dishes, wines, expensive trench coats to be a good looking chick, so then she could show her clients how refined and ellegant she was, and couldn’t be pleased with small things. Besides, she wanted to be a woman whom some dollars could ever afford her attitude, expectations and awesome sexual performances. That’s why she was on sale, with her curves, face and mouth. She was there, Putting her decisions off for better days that supposedly would be called love, hope and salvation. Wearing sleek dresses, long necklines and absolutely decided to earn life herself on her own.

Rewied by Amandita

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