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Looking for Cinderella

 Looking for Cinderella

At the Saturday morning, Evan dressing up fitness clothes to getting around trails by bike. Even his friends says Evan is such metrosexual guy, he doesn´t forget to spread a sunscreen before extreme events.
Money never was a problem, but the solution. His payments as automotive engineering design always afford all kind of his expectations. Was breeding wishing achieve everything he saw. Any momment at his life, knew starvation, poverty or lack of budget to buy a new pencil to use at primary school, like some boys of neighboring district used to know.

During his childhood, ever had the bests games and nohow gave up to choose wallet, backpack and sneakers of the most expensive. Fast foods always followed him at lunch and never willing eat something.

To 18, gas never fault at his car as friend inside. Gained a car of the year to can go wherever want.  Evan also defray expensive dinners for their partners and girls aspiring to a good relationship. However, until then Evan had not found someone responsible for sentimental dreaminess.

While teeanger, on vacation, had already traveled seeking a girl whose rule his dreams and the most perverts extincts males. In this purpose, met Karina, Lisa, Layla. They could give what he wanted. Each in their own time and pace. But unfortunately the girls pulled the boy´s heart the most beautiful hopes of requited love.

With 33 already got successful in reconciling his career, traveling inland to visit his parents and looking for a sweet, romantic and inexist girl like Cinderella. In fact, gave more value sport´s adrenaline than the heart. Emotional wounds said to Evan hiding them, was the best thing to do.
When lying on the bed he bought as prophecy of a future with a virtuous woman, the engineer starts to building own model life with a young girl with light blond hair  which rang once.

His soul´s intuition that woman can take it to station of happiness to both. One day, when he least expect, his premonition´s love take place against a good meeting, probably with a girl which heard once.

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